Hello, I'm Nathalia—an Interaction Designer, based in San Francisco.
I am passionate about creating harmonizing experiences that will bring people together. I strongly believe in the importance of humility and lifelong learning; and always stay out of my comfort zone as a way for me to grow.

During my stint as a Graphic Designer, I found myself in roles that required me to collaborate with others who have different backgrounds than me (Architects, Marketers, Mechanical Engineers). Those experiences were inspiring because I learned from them daily. It has also taught me to articulate my thoughts succinctly and listen to understand what's important to them.

I'm currently enrolled in the Interaction Design BFA program at the California College of the Arts (Graduating Spring 2020) and minoring in Writing and Literature.
Understanding the Intent & Strategy
I start with understanding the intent and strategy because it provides crucial context to the problem I've been tasked to solve. It also helps to carve a scope and set measurable goals for the project.
I utilize a combination of both primary and secondary research methods because I believe that the findings and insights gathered from both methods will provide a more comprehensive view of the problem that people are facing, and also lend supporting evidence for both methods.
Sketching & Mapping Systems
I sketch out ideas because it helps to keep my brain juice flowing with more ideas. Mapping out systems often help me simplify what seemed complex initially. I have also found that sketching and mapping are great tools for communicating in a team/group setting.
Rapid Prototyping
Before I get too attached to pushing pixels, I make sure the concept, ideas and flow stay on low fidelity as long as it should; undergoing multiple rounds of testings. Sacrificial concepts and prototypes help me gather deeper insights.
Visual Design Polish
I flex my graphic design muscles and strive to balance elegance with utility whilst making sure that the design stays on brand.
I often pen down my thoughts and ideas before articulating it as writing helps to declutter my thoughts. Writing has challenged me to be more eloquent as a creative, and intentional as a communicator.
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